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we have acquired the have faith in of customers worldwide. We will supply ideal providers and higher high quality products with all sincerity. The team has taken component in the producing and revising of ISO/TC100 global chain normal a number of many years in good results and hosted the 16th ISO/TC100 Global once-a-year meeting in 2004. Introduction
XBC diesel engine EPT pump group, with overseas, domestic interior combustion motor market, the important spine EPTTrprises producing EPTTs, domestic EPTT, HangEPT EPTT Plant and other diesel engines as the driving drive, through the creation of high-fleXiHu (West EPT) Dis.bility expert coupling or diaphragm coupling and h2o pump Immediate link, by the spEPTT manage panel and programmable logic controller or diesel engine manage method to obtain automatic diesel pump. EPTT motor EPTT up to 880KW, can be equipped with different head and flow pumps for buyers according to various requirements to choose to use.

EPTT EPT pump group has good beginning traits, overload ability, compact construction, simple servicing, straightforward to use and so on. Unit with rushing, minimal oil strain, failed to begin three instances, substantial water temperature, low oil, reduced battery voltage safety. At the very same time with the customer’s alarm or automated EPT alarm system set handle cupboard connected to accomplish remote monitoring abilities.

Circumstances of Use
EPTT engine EPT pump drinking water at space temperature and equivalent to distinct drinking water temperature is not greater than sixty ordmC liquid, suited for EPT water source and other aspects of the water supply. EPTT start with out electricity, higher performance, stable and reliable operation, easy maintenance, EPTT life.
JCEP sprinkler method drinking water supply
EPTT and mining EPTTrprises
EPTT water supply
JCEP for life
Circulating program water offer
Velocity can be modified according to the wants of the network technique to alter the drinking water supply stream of water stress in orEPTTto fully meet the requirements of h2o.
EPT effectiveness and power saving, h2o source stress continual, straightforward procedure Anti-interference capability.
Gadget Description
1, diesel EPT pump team: configure a EPT pump and a diesel motor
2, electric management cupboard: one EPTTiwan
three, battery: twelve volts 2
XBC simple device consists of diesel motor, chassis, radiator tank and fan, hugely fleXiHu (West EPT) Dis.ble coupling, drinking water pump, diesel tank and control panel and other products. The pump is right related to the diesel engine by means of a highly fleXiHu (West EPT) Dis.ble coupling or a diaphragm coupling and is mounted on a typical channel chassis. Motor Cooling Engine cooling followers great the radiator. The complete cooling method constitutes a shut cycle, the tank is also mounted on the chassis. EPTT panel and device break up, the two by way of the handle cable, signal cable, EPTT cable link. The diesel motor EPTT below 200KW device tank mounted immediately on the unit, better than 200KW device with spEPTT tank. The basic variety device is suitable for the EPT defense system with the pouring h2o supply.

If the EPT pump technique calls for water diversion operate, then the standard device can be put in on the basis of automated water diversion unit. The unit can understand automatic water diversion and automatic disengagement and comply with the h2o diversion time specified in GB6245-98 (EPT pump performance needs and check approaches).
merchandise description

In orEPTTto adapt to the cold climate, diesel EPT pump team can be connected to AC220V cooling h2o preheating device.

EPT model illustration:

For case in point: XBC eight/50-ZK diesel EPT pump team XBC diesel EPT pump device

50 implies that the pump flow is 50L / s

8 indicates that the pump head elevate 80m

Z indicates that the pump is an EPTT management system

K that pump one-stage solitary-suction centrifugal pump

Yet another design description of the way:

Example XBD (XBC) 16/eighty-D (K / L / O / S / Z)

XB-EPT pump

XBD-electrical EPT pump unit, XBC diesel EPT pump unit

16 – explained the pump rated head of 160m or rated stress of one.6Mpa

80 – suggests that the pump rated flow of 80l / s

D-stated that the pump is a multistage centrifugal pump (K / L / O / S / Z, respectively, explained the pump is a one-phase one suction centrifugal pump, the vertical aXiHu (West EPT) Dis.s of the pump into the vertical centrifugal pump, horizontal open horizontal centrifugal pump, ).
Guidelines for use

Notice: Prior to using the diesel engine, check out the running guidelines of the diesel engine, automatic control cabinet and h2o pump. When disagree with this guide, the directions of diesel engine, automatic management cupboard and drinking water pump shall prevail.

Operate of folding automated unit

1, diesel engine cooling method preheating (according to buyer demands installation)

In orEPTTto guarantee that the device is set into operation at any time in the course of the cold climate, the device cooling water technique demands to be preheated. The preheating system adopts electrical heating type preheating gadget (AC 220V) and the water temperature can be controlled among 40 ordmC ~ fifty five ordmC. When the unit starts off to routinely start off the diesel engine following receiving the EPT alarm signal, the EPTT source of the preheating system will be automatically lower off. When the device EPTs the EPT alarm signal to quit the unit operation, it will automatically change on the EPTT of the preheating gadget. Artificial handle, the recent via the handle circuit breaker, the preheating method to quit doing work.

two, automatic start and place into perform

The principal handle EPT is outfitted with handbook / computerized swap, when the unit needs to function in computerized condition, the change need to dial in computerized point out, the corresponding computerized perform light-weight.

In the computerized point out, the computer detects the automated procedure signal (EPT signal or pipe network force reduced sign), immediately place into 3 start off the program, and then output the start sign, commence the good results, the initial output effective begin sign, then the output speed sign, at Throughout the velocity up, the pace rises from idle to rated pace, and the complete unit is in EPT-battling operation. When the very first start off is not profitable, the interval of 5 seconds, instantly the second, third start off the software. A few unsuccessful begin-up, the output unsuccessful to begin the signal, and lock the automated technique. Soon after troubleshooting, 1st reduce off the EPTT essential change, and then related to unlock.

three, automatic security operate

(1) Start defense: If the device fails to start a few moments, it will output start failure signal and lock the automatic functioning technique. Buzzer alarm,

(2) EPT water temperature defense: During the procedure of the device, if the h2o temperature is over ninety five ordmC, the buzzer will alarm quickly, the alarm ligEPTT will flicker and the alarm ligEPTT will flip to the ligEPTT indicator. At the very same time diesel motor velocity, hold off 3 minutes right after the shutdown.

(three). Reduced oil force defense: Throughout the procedure of the device, if the oil pressure le0.2Mpa fails, the diesel engine will decelerate and cease right away.

(4) Overspeed protection: When the unit is running, if the pace is much more than or equivalent to 1750rpm (10% of the rated pace), it will send out an audible and visual alarm immediately, the buzzer will alarm, the alarm ligEPTT will flash, the muffler will be silenced and the audible alarm will vanish . At the exact same time diesel engine speed down and immediately shut down.

(five). Reduced gasoline oil stage defense: When the device is in operation, if the gas oil level is reduce than the specified peak, the buzzer will alarm immediately and the warning ligEPTT will blink. Push the silencer button silencer, the audio alarm disappears, the alarm indicator ligEPTT into flat recommendations, till the oil level again to normal so significantly. If the oil degree is not restored following ten minutes, the buzzer will alarm immediately and the alarm ligEPTT will blink. At the exact same time diesel engine velocity, hold off three minutes soon after the shutdown.

(6) Low battery voltage security: When the device is in standby position, the buzzer will alarm instantly when the battery voltage is reduce than 22V (or 10V), the alarm ligEPTT will flash, push the silence button to silence, and the alarm indicator will switch to flat ligEPTT Guidelines, and has been maintained until finally the voltage again to typical so considerably.

(7) lower water degree safety (alternative): when the unit is in the centralized handle standby state or running, the h2o stage in the EPT water tank is decrease than the specified top, the buzzer will alarm right away and the diesel engine will decelerate with a delay of three minutes .

The above alarm indicators (one), (three) and (4) have the self-locking perform. Only after the on-site staff eliminate the fault, can the method resume EPTT-on and reset just before the technique can proceed operating.

Observe: The previously mentioned alarm operate can be picked according to JCEPs downtime or non-quit.

four, automated charging operate

To guarantee the unit’s start off-up and handle of electric power, the unit utilizes two sets of charging system. EPTT self-charging generator in the standard operation of the battery for the battery. When the unit is in standby status, the floating charging device in the control panel cabinet floats and costs the battery through 220V AC EPTT, and at the same time, it makes certain the EPTT usage of the management panel. When the device EPTs the commence command, it automatically cuts off the floating charging unit, and when the device instantly stops, it routinely brings together with the floating charging device. The gadget has in excess of-current, under-voltage, quick circuit protection.

5, additional characteristics

Primarily based on the earlier mentioned standard capabilities, crisis guide begin-up switch, automated inspection purpose, dual battery and charging method, pressure recording perform of pipe network method and the like can be additional according to consumer wants.

Planning for folding begin

(one) EPTT part:

middot EPTT intake pipe connection is sealed and reputable

middot Whether the exhaust EPTows is free of charge right after installation

#8226 Regardless of whether external drinking water has been prevEPTTd from EPTTring the diesel motor via the exhaust pipe

middot Exhaust pipe is cleanse and free of overseas subject

middot The motor place is effectively ventilated

Whether or not the cooling h2o dealt with with dXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.eralized drinking water or distilled water

#8226 No matter whether the h2o filling approach has been adequately vEPTTd and the tank retained five% room

Cooling line link is reputable and no leakage

middot Whether the viscosity of the oil viscosity CC / CD grade oil variety

middot Whether or not to include cleanse oil to the inlet of supercharger

#8226 No matter whether to fill the oil stage with the L-H of the dipstick as JCEP

Regardless of whether the decision of gasoline is or -10 ligEPTT diesel oil

middot Gasoline tank, pipeline meet the demands

middot Whether the battery meets the needs for starting up voltage and ability of this design starter motor

middot Starter connecting wire has been met the demands

(2) pump portion:

No matter whether the piping system has been cleaned

EPTline extra support

EPTline technique is leaking or unfastened

Is the EPTT gland way too tight?

EPTT oil or grease is adequate

If the drinking water stage on the h2o, the pump has been emptied of air

(3) Procedure EPT:

middot EPTT engine, switch is regular

EPTT management cabinet and the relationship among the diesel motor is securely connected cable

(four) water diversion system part:

middot Handbook drinking water diversion change is typical

middot Modest tank whether or not to add adequate h2o to attract drinking water

middot Whether the water pipeline is dependable and leak-totally free
Set up and servicing

Be aware: Please study the instructions of diesel motor, computerized handle cabinet and h2o pump ahead of installation of diesel motor unit.

EPTT place

Right after the unit is set up in the engine place, there ought to be at lEPT 750mm entry on equally sides and in JCEP of the device (fan h2o tank aspect) for operator’s inspection and EPTT upkeep.

Area heigEPTT according to the unit heigEPTT and no matter whether there are lifting products and other aspects, consider 4-6M (effective peak).

the basis

The simple device has a few major capabilities, supporting the quality of the total device to ensure that the device is in a horizontal point out, absorbing vibration. The basis of the unit is of concrete framework. In EPTT the simple duration and width of the unit chassis duration, width and dimensions elevated by 150-250mm unilateral, depth of 300-600mm. The heigEPTT of the anchor bolt protruding from the horizontal aircraft need to be about 2 times the diameter of the bolt

air flow

In a natural way ventilated rooms shall have vents and vents of ample measurement in such a situation that ample clean air is supplied to the diesel engine for combustion in the temperature limits. The water supply radiator normally takes absent the heat of the circulating cooling h2o (shut) and requires away the heat dissipated on the floor of the unit. If the all-natural ventilation does not meet up with the specifications, can consider the method of forced air flow, the inlet into the admirer and exhaust fan. Enthusiast measurement and space air inlet and outlet spot must be in a position to offer diesel motor sufficient chilly air, whilst using absent the scorching air within the engine space. Minimal air ingestion unit must be six-7 occasions the amount of diesel ingestion.

In orEPTTto keep the surroundings of the motor place thoroughly clean, a groove can be organized in the center of the foundation of the device, and sewers can be organized around the basis of the unit so as to faXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.tate fXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) sewage and diesel oil.

the exhaust pipe

Exhaust pipe to be linked to the outdoor, in orEPTTto steer clear of the exhaust pipe a great deal of warmth scattered indoors, exhaust pipe can be wrapped with asbestos material. At the same time this can also perform a position of sounds reduction and defense of the operator. Exhaust pipe diameter in the pipeline duration of 5m or much less, in accordance to the diesel motor exhaust pipe diameter. When much more than 5m. Every improve of 5m, the exhaust pipe diameter increased by 10-fifteen%. The total exhaust pipe elbow should be lowered as much as feasible, elbow radius must be increased than 2.five occasions the outer diameter of the exhaust pipe. EPTline support must be avoided piping technique vibration, need to reduce the pipeline imposed on the diesel motor.

In orEPTTto reduce the device sound, install silencer. Such as the engine area from the tank or other unsafe areas closer, the EPT damper have to be used. In orEPTTto avert rainwater and overseas subject from EPTTring the exhaust pipe, the exhaust pipe outlet shall be fitted with a rain-proof cap or the outlet shall be put in downward by 30 deg.

the pipeline

To avert injury to the pump, cleanse the tubing ahead of the pump tubing is linked. Out of the water pipe must be one more assistance stand, may not consider the unit body assist.

The pump suction line should be short and straight. The pipe diameter must be increased than or equal to the diameter of the suction inlet of the pump. The elbow radius of the suction pipe of the pump must be created as massive as achievable.

The connection among the pump and the pipe must make sure a good air tightness. EEPTTly the inlet pipe, should ensure rigid sealing, and the device need to not have the likelihood of storing the air.

The inlet pipe should be established on the valve, no matter whether it is utilised pool irrigation or diversion, ought to be set up in the suitable place filter.

Observe: due to the device at commence-up and crisis shutdown, h2o hammer effect is fairly big. To stop the effect of h2o hammer and vibration of the device on the connecting pipe and pump hurt, pump inlet and outlet must be set up in between the fleXiHu (West EPT) Dis.ble connector.

EPTT room electric power

EPTT models, this sort of as pre-heating device (two.5KW) and computerized charging gadget (.75KW), you have to organize close to the manage cupboard AC 220V, three.5KW EPTT supply.

manage cabinet

The position of the automated management cabinet need to not be organized directly in JCEP of the radiator of the diesel engine since the scorching air blown out by the radiator might affect the normal procedure of the electric powered EPTs in the handle cabinet.

EPTT cabinet ought to be organized on the two sides of the device to faXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.tate the procedure of the unit when the guide point out.

Between the control cupboard and the device and between the primary device and the management cupboard are linked by cables, so the cable duct or cable tray need to be organized in the corresponding placement. The link duration between diesel motor and handle cupboard shall not exceed 35 meters.

Be aware: Owing to transportation and other reasons, the diesel motor device might result in the coaXiHu (West EPT) Dis.ality of the unit to be offset. Therefore, the device should be put in on the basis of re-proofing device coaXiHu (West EPT) Dis.ality, in the two coupling round of distinct EPTity tolerance of .1mm, the hole aEPTT the circumference of the stop surface area of the hole tolerance of .3mm, to ensure that the unit The standard operation.
JCEPmated operation

1, computerized unit handbook procedure

(one) The unit is commenced

Change off the float charger and preheater prior to beginning.

a. guide / automated switch to manual EPTT

b. the primary switch related to the system EPTT

c. Push the commence button till the diesel motor is started.

(two) Unit operation

With h2o diversion gadget:

a. Change on the manual h2o diversion swap

b. push the pace up button, the engine pace from idle to rated velocity

c. When the drinking water diversion is successful, change off the manual drinking water diversion change.

Without diversion device:

Motor idle pace for some time press the button, the motor velocity from idle to rated pace.

(three) Device shutdown

a. EPT outlet valve ought to be steadily shut to reduce the load

b. Press down button to reduce the motor velocity to idle speed

c. Work at idle for three-five minutes, depress the quit button till the diesel engine stops functioning.

two, automatic device automated procedure

The guide / automated swap to the automatic EPTT, the automatic device in the computerized operating condition. Also switch the clutch swap to the on position. Turn on the EPTT change.

The unit detects the automated operation of the signal (EPT alarm sign), the device will instantly commence doing work techniques, operate methods are as follows: (with water diversion gadget)

EPTT signal (EPT alarm signal) is cut off EPTT cost circuit and cooling water pre-heating circuit output Start signal output Blended with diversion swap sign Output pace increase signal to make diesel engine run at rated velocity Technique detects drinking water strain switch signal at outlet of pump and closes h2o diversion The change program is in the state of device operation checking and detects the computerized quit sign (EPT alarm sign is canceled or the counter end button is pressed). The idle sign is delayed for three minutes to output the quit signal.

After the method program EPTs the automated end sign (or the EPT cancel sign), the computerized charging device and the cooling water preheating unit are reset after the shutdown procedure.

Device with out automated water diversion device, the functioning processes in the previously mentioned essentially the exact same. Just terminate the h2o diversion component of the procedure.

If there are a number of units forming principal and secondary EPTT program, when the automatic program is operating, if the system checking is faulty and routinely shut down, it will routinely switch to the secondary EPTT so that the secondary EPTT is set into automatic operation. At the identical time the host will output a fault signal.

Since each diesel engine EPT pump manufacturing facility, are equipped with diesel engines, automated control cabinet, pump handbook, consequently, the appropriate structural parameters, functionality indicators, upkeep, putting on components, add-ons, attribute curves and so on, you should refer immediately The corresponding manual, and reference to its typical fault examination table, discover and troubleshoot. According to NFPA20 (96 edition), the diesel motor EPT pump need to be commenced when a 7 days, and each and every start off have to be carried with load until finally the diesel engine cooling drinking water temperature reaches the normal functioning temperature, running time is not much less than thirty minutes.

Servicing of the unit In addition to the earlier mentioned pointed out, ought to spend attention to the pursuing details:

1, shell out interest to the diesel engine in the chilly EPTTon, pump insulation, to stop the h2o temperature is low and frozen products. Area temperature must be taken care of at 5 ordmC earlier mentioned.

two, the battery for the 1st time ahead of use, add adequate battery fluid need to be charged.

3, verify the diesel battery voltage every working day.

four, soon after working for a time period of time, examine the muffler and exhaust pipe, take away carbon deposits to avoid sparks.

five, after operating for a interval of time, examine the pump EPTT seal is worn, if needed, well timed substitute. Check out the pump for grease decline.

six, the unit need to be tested on a more typical foundation, because the basis sinking, aging, bearing wear and tear, thermal deformation, load adjustments in the construction of the constructing are very likely to impact the device far more straight.

7, the storage tank should be kept as total as feasible, but never significantly less than fifty% of the tank potential. When filling, make certain to excEPTT water [1] factors and impurities.

fault phenomenon failure lead to elimination methods
1.No EPTT provide or 1 or two stage EPTT offer is essential Examine all phases of EPTT source and restore EPTT provide

two.Very poor get in touch with of ac contactor and burning of coil Repair or change contactors

can not start 3.
The EPTT swap is not shut, malfunction or broken

Near the change and replace it if the EPTT indicator does not switch on
Thermal relay trip or harm

Examine whether or not the motor is blocked, locate out the reason and eradicate it.Guide reset is changed if it cannot be began
JCEP degree is as well low Place h2o in the sink

The motor burned Restore or substitute the motor

1.Line is loose Examine wiring and tighten connectors

2.Frequency converter malfunction Check out the fault articles, verify the lead to in accordance to the frequency converter manual, and restart right after reset.Or disconnect the inverter EPTT provide for a few seconds, the inverter fault reset just before commencing.
The handbook is typical 3The frequency converter is broken Repair or substitute
EPTT EPTT failure 4.Strain switch harm Fix or replace
5The stress transmitter is broken Repair or replace
six.Switch failure Fix or replace
EPT non – suction force gauge pointer to conquer violently Insufficient drinking water provide for perfusion, air leakage at the relationship in between pipeline and instrument Check out pipeline and base valve, refill h2o diversion. Tighten air leakage
The pump consumes way too significantly EPTT

Too significantly stream, impeller dress in

Check whether the pump shaft is bent, exchange the impeller, close the outlet valve to lessen the stream

  in General Santos City Philippines  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Xbc High-Quality Diesel Fire Pump Factory Direct manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler