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Our AdvantagesProducts Big quantity in Inventory, No MOQ essential We comply with all the global specifications, these kinds of as ISO9001 and TS16949 specifications. Advanced thermo treatment method gear, these kinds of as network warmth remedy oven, multi-use thermo remedy oven, and so forth. EPG is a expert producer and exporter that is involved with the design and style, growth and generation. Solution INTRODUCTION:
The filter capacitor is suited for reactive EPTT payment and harmonic manage in the sturdy harmonic EPTT source technique. The filter capacitor is related with the reactor to increase the EPTT factor of the EPTT supply program while filtering, so that the EPTT quality of the EPTT grid can be properly improved. It can be used in numerous operating circumstances of capacitive reactive EPTT payment and powerful present harmonic filtering.
Payment capacitor can be employed in collection with frequent series reactor to decrease reactive EPTT reduction, suppress harmonic amplification and improve EPTT grid qualityCompensation capacitor can be employed in sequence with widespread series reactor to reduce reactive EPTT loss, suppress harmonic amplification and boost EPTT grid good quality.



Merchandise name Specification and model Dimension(mm)
diameter * top
Width * depth * peak
Terminal block Rated potential
Rated current
Cylindrical capacitor WT-BCY-.forty eight-15-three D86*H245 M6 207 17
WT-BCY-.48-20-3 D86*H290 M6 276 24
WT-BCY-.forty eight-25-3 D86*H290 M8 345 30
WT-BCY-.forty eight-thirty-three D106*H290 M8 414 36
WT-BCY-.48-40-3 D116*H290 M8 553 48
WT-BCY-.forty eight-50-three D136*H290 M8 691 sixty
EPTT stretch capacitor WT-EPTT-.45-fifteen-3 one hundred seventy five*sixty two*a hundred and sixty M6 236 19
WT-EPTT-.forty five-20-3 one hundred seventy five*sixty two*a hundred and sixty M6 314 26
WT-EPTT-.45-twenty five-3 a hundred seventy five*62*223 M6 393 33
WT-EPTT-.45-thirty-3 202*102*165 M8 472 38
WT-EPTT-.forty five-40-3 202*102*230 M8 629 fifty one
WT-EPTT-.forty five-50-three 202*102*230 M8 786 seventy two
WT-EPTT-.48-15-three one hundred seventy five*62*a hundred and sixty M6 207 seventeen
WT-EPTT-.forty eight-20-3 one hundred seventy five*62*223 M6 276 24
WT-EPTT-.48-twenty five-3 a hundred seventy five*sixty two*223 M6 345 thirty
WT-EPTT-.48-30-three 202*102*a hundred sixty five M8 414 36
WT-EPTT-.forty eight-40-3 202*102*230 M8 553 forty eight
WT-EPTT-.48-50-3 202*102*230 M8 691 60
WT-EPTT-.525-fifteen-3 a hundred seventy five*sixty two*a hundred and sixty M6 173 sixteen
WT-EPTT-.525-20-three one hundred seventy five*sixty two*223 M6 231 22
WT-EPTT-.525-25-3 202*102*165 M8 289 27
WT-EPTT-.525-thirty-3 202*102*165 M8 346 33
WT-EPTT-.525-40-3 202*102*230 M8 462 forty four
WT-EPTT-.six-thirty-3 202*102*one hundred sixty five M8 265 29
WT-EPTT-.6-forty-3 202*102*230 M8 354 38
WT-EPTT-.69-thirty-three 202*102*165 M8 201 25
WT-EPTT-.sixty nine-forty-3 202*102*230 M8 267 33
WT-EPTT-.eighty five-thirty-three 202*102*a hundred sixty five M8 132 twenty
WT-EPTT-.eighty five-40-3 202*102*230 M8 176 27
WT-EPTT-.95-thirty-3 202*102*165 M8 106 eighteen
WT-EPTT-.ninety five-forty-3 202*102*230 M8 141 24

Solution identify Specification and design Dimension(mm)
diameter * top
Width * depth * top
Terminal block Rated capability
Rated recent
Cylindrical capacitor WT-LCY-.48-fifteen-3 D86*H245 M6 207 seventeen
WT-LCY-.48-twenty-three D96*H290 M6 276 24
WT-LCY-.48-twenty five-three D106*H290 M8 345 30
WT-LCY-.forty eight-30-three D116*H290 M8 414 36
WT-LCY-.forty eight-40-3 D136*H290 M8 553 48
EPTT extend capacitor WT-LCT-.45-15-three a hundred seventy five*62*160 M6 236 19
WT-LCT-.forty five-twenty-3 175*62*223 M6 314 26
WT-LCT-.forty five-25-3 202*102*165 M6 393 33
WT-LCT-.45-30-3 202*102*165 M8 472 38
WT-LCT-.forty five-40-3 202*102*230 M8 629 51
WT-LCT-.48-15-three a hundred seventy five*62*223 M6 207 17
WT-LCT-.48-20-3 202*102*165 M6 276 24
WT-LCT-.forty eight-twenty five-3 202*102*165 M6 345 30
WT-LCT-.forty eight-thirty-3 202*102*230 M8 414 36
WT-LCT-.525-15-three a hundred seventy five*sixty two*223 M6 173 16
WT-LCT-.525-twenty-three 202*102*one hundred sixty five M6 231 22
WT-LCT-.525-25-three 202*102*230 M8 289 27
WT-LCT-.525-30-3 202*102*230 M8 346 33
WT-LCT-.six-thirty-three 202*102*230 M8 265 29
WT-LCT-.6-40-three 202*102*230 M8 354 38
WT-LCT-.sixty nine-thirty-three 202*102*230 M8 201 25
WT-LCT-.69-40-3 202*102*230 M8 267 33
WT-LCT-.eighty five-thirty-three 202*102*230 M8 132 20
WT-LCT-.85-40-3 202*102*230 M8 176 27
WT-LCT-.ninety five-thirty-three 202*102*230 M8 106 18
WT-LCT-.95-forty-three 202*102*230 M8 141 24
Iron shell capacitor WT-LCT-.sixty nine-50-3 255*145*250 M12 334 forty two
WT-LCT-.69-60-3 255*one hundred forty five*three hundred M12 401 50
WT-LCT-.sixty nine-80-three 255*a hundred forty five*four hundred M12 535 67
WT-LCT-.sixty nine-100-three 255*a hundred forty five*450 M12 669 eighty four
WT-LCT-.sixty nine-one hundred twenty-three 255*145*500 M12 802 a hundred
WT-LCT-.ninety five-fifty-three 255*a hundred forty five*250 M12 176 30
WT-LCT-.95-60-3 255*145*300 M12 212 36
WT-LCT-.ninety five-80-three 255*145*400 M12 282 forty nine
WT-LCT-.ninety five-100-three 255*a hundred forty five*450 M12 353 sixty one
WT-LCT-.95-120-three 255*145*five hundred M12 423 73

Be aware: if the person needs the requirements not detailed in the table can be made separately

a) Quantity deviation: (UF%) – five ~ ten%
b) Reduction tangent (EPTTn delta): .01% (UN 50 Hz, 20 ordmC)
c) Frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz
d) Ambient temperature: higher restrict fifty five ordmC, decrease limit – 30 ordmC
e) MaXiHu (West EPT) Dis.mum allowable voltage: one.1un (for hole use, no much more than 8 several hours for every day)
f) MaXiHu (West EPT) Dis.mum more than existing: 1.8in, EPTT-expression operation, transition present no much more than 2.5in
g) Surge present stand up to capability: ge 200 * in
h) Insulation stand up to voltage: 3KV / 10s
i) Reduction: considerably less than .25w/kvar (incXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. the decline of exterior discharge unit)
j) The capacitor is of oil immersed variety (or nitrogen crammed dry type), with in excess of-existing, over-voltage, in excess of temperature and stress fusing and explosion-proof operate. EPTpropylene film is employed as dielectric inside of, with self-therapeutic function.
k) The capacitor has developed-in discharge resistance, and the residual voltage in between terminals drops under 50V within 1 minute after the EPTT provide is cut off.

Circumstances OF USE:
1.The altitude shall not exceed 2500 m
two.The ambient temperature is – 20 ordmC – fifty five ordmC, the typical temperature is not higher than 35 ordmC inside of 24 several hours
three.relative humidity: no much more than 90%
4.There is no corrosive gasoline, conductive dust and flammable and explosive media in the surrounding setting
5.The seismic depth shall not exceed quality 8
six.For indoor set up, there ought to be good air flow conditions about. If it is installed in the cabinet, there should be exhaust faXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.ties.

  in Rustenburg South Africa  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Compensating Type Low Voltage Capacitor High Quality Power Frequency Aluminum Stretch Capacitor Wt-Bct-0.45-30-3 manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler