Wholesale Dropshipping Power Transmission Flexible Coupling



The bolt coupling is a rigid coupling. It is made of two halves, which are cast iron grade GG25 connected by means of bolts. It is maintenance and lubrication free. Additionally, its construction prevents fretting corrosion and allows for easy mounting and dismounting.

The bolt coupling is designed to connect horizontal shafts with similar diameters. If different application, contact our technical department.


Product Details

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Coupling refers to a mechanical part that connects two shafts (the driving shaft and the driven shaft) in different mechanisms and makes them rotate together to transmit torque or rotation angle. The coupling compensates for the displacement between the two shafts, and has the ability to absorb vibration and mitigate impact. Even if an abnormality occurs during operation and excessive torque is applied to the rotating shaft, the coupling is first damaged, thereby protecting it The role of the motor.


1. Although the coupling is a mechanical part that transmits torque and rotation angle, each has its own unique characteristics. Therefore, in the selection process, the necessary characteristics during use must be fully considered to select the most suitable coupling.

2. After deciding on the selection, refer to the dimensions and technical parameters of this product catalog to determine the model.
3. Finally, please confirm whether the external dimensions of the selected model, shaft diameter, rated torque, and maximum speed in the technical parameters meet the installation conditions.
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